“A Codex on Auric Manipulation: Magick Unveiled” by Albertus Crowley

"A Codex on Auric Manipulation: Magick Unveiled" by Albertus Crowley

"Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Auric Manipulation is an instructive manual that will teach you the secret techniques of manipulating the aura. For centuries, this practice has been considered a deep secret of dark magick — and for good reasons — after all, being able to manipulate the aura also means being able to manipulate a person, and even his soul. Finally, what was once hidden in strict secrecy and passed on only from Adept to Initiate is now revealed, so that anyone who has the heart to take this path may have a chance to prove themselves worthy of the gift of the occult arts.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Auric Manipulation provides the right information and practical exercises that will allow you to learn and master this sacred and ancient magical art. What is an aura? An aura is an energy field that surrounds the body. Every change in mood and health of an individual also changed their aura. In the same way, by changing and manipulating the aura, you can manipulate yourself and even other people. Take note that this manual is not just for everyone, but you are well advised to take this in your hands only if you swear to tread the path with love and kindness in your heart.

Manipulation of the aura is not something that you will want to play around. You have to be serious when you wield this kind of magical power. It is also well to note that learning this magical art also means learning other interesting techniques in relation to energy manipulation. The practice of auric manipulation is also a good way to develop your magical faculties. Indeed, there is so much that you can learn from this practice. Deep in these pages, you shall find the key that can open wide the doors of pure magick and wonder.

By learning to manipulate the aura, you will be able to influence and control yourself and others, even animals. However, always remember that you are responsible for the power that you wield. whatever you learn from this manual, you ought to use it only for good and good alone. By building the right foundational knowledge and engaging in regular practice of the techniques, power shall be yours. Having said that, let me now welcome you into the magical world of auric manipulation and pure magick. Always remember to tread this path only with love and kindness in your heart. Now is the time to unleash your true power and the wonders of your mind."