“All The Emperor’s Men: Heralding the Cults of the Apocalypse” by Garry Greenwood

"Imagine this: you’ve just joined a wonderful group of like-minded people growing organic vegetables and practising Japanese Reiki Healing focussed upon making the world a better place. You become so enchanted with their Utopian idealism that you gradually rise up through the ranks and before long you find yourself second-in-charge of a huge Australasian Empire consisting of thousands of ardent believers in several neighbouring Asian and Pacific nations. You elevate even further up the Divine ladder and find yourself high up in the snow-shrouded Japan Alps studying the most secret of secret esoteric teachings known to humankind. This is the group’s elite training school. Here you study the origins and destiny of planet Earth and...>>

“Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics” by Jonathan Goldman (4th edition)

🕵️🐷🕵️ zero-day🕵️🐷🕵️ "In this 30th anniversary edition of the classic guidebook on sound healing, internationally recognized master teacher Jonathan Goldman presents a step-by-step process of vibrational activation using sacred and healing sounds. Sharing many easy-to-follow sound healing exercises, such as "Vowels as Mantras" and "Overtoning", Goldman explains in detail how to perform vocal harmonics—a form of overtone chanting—and experience their transformative and healing powers. He shows how harmonics can be used as sonic yoga for meditation and deep relaxation as well as to enhance energy and resonate the chakras, the energy centers of the body. Exploring the vibrational principles that underlie the framework of the universe, including frequency and resonance, Goldman explains how harmonics represent the...>>

“Kabbalah Handbook: A Concise Encyclopedia of Terms and Concepts in Jewish Mysticism” by Gabriella Samuel

"A comprehensive single-volume reference guide to the terms and ideas of Kabbalah by a longtime teacher of Jewish mysticism—perfect for the serious student and newcomer alike. People of all faiths and backgrounds are drawn to the inspiration, knowledge, and spiritual insight that Kabbalah offers. But too often writings on Jewish mysticism are impenetrable for the novice, overly simplified for the advanced student, or misrepresent and sensationalize Kabbalistic practice. The Kabbalah Handbook is the first comprehensive single-volume Kabbalah reference guide that is indispensable for Kabbalah students of every level. The Kabbalah Handbook features: - more than five hundred key terms and concepts in straightforward, easy-to-read definitions and thorough, well-researched discussions; - Hebrew, English, and Hebrew transliteration for...>>

“A Map to Your Soul: Using the Astrology of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water to Live Deeply and Fully” by Jennifer Freed

🕵️🐷🕵️ zero-day🕵️🐷🕵️ "There are four elements—fire, earth, air, and water—that exist in nature and within us all. Knowing your personal map of these four elements offers a way to personalize your self-care rituals and design your best life: one that fully expresses your special gifts. With a PhD in psychology in addition to her expertise as an astrologer, Dr. Jennifer Freed is here to show you to how to decode and tap into your gifts in this practical guide to life. She explains how your astrological birth chart can point you to the life you want and offers self-assessments to pinpoint your most effective strategies. A Map to Your Soul offers practical exercises for topics ranging...>>

“Legends of the End: Prophecies of the End Times, Antichrist, Apocalypse, and Messiah from Eight Religious Traditions” by Charles Upton

"Whether the world ends tomorrow or lasts for centuries, we all exist in a 'climate' of the End of Days. As Thomas Merton wrote, 'We live in an age of two superimposed eschatologies: that of secular anxieties and hopes, and that of revealed fulfillment. Sometimes the first is merely mistaken for the second, sometimes it results from complete denial and despair of the second.' The 'end of time' obviously relates to history, but—just as obviously—it cannot be contained within it. Legends of the End have always been with us; every spiritual tradition that has a story of the beginning of things must also have one of their final end—the end of the earth, of...>>