“A Gnostic Guide to Meditation and Awakening the Consciousness” by Michael Al Amare

"A Gnostic Guide to Meditation and Awakening the Consciousness" by Michael Al Amare

"The different religions of the world are the different races and culture's expressions of the same spiritual anatomy of man. We are spiritual creatures of divine essence living in physical shells..This book is written for those who are seeking and for those who yearn.This book is for those who want to know themselves. It is the aim of this book that the reader should be able to experience him/her self through the perspective of his or her consciousness in order to experience a separation from the mind.This experience will make it possible for the practitioner to anchor his/her perspective from the point of the consciousness thus changing one's outlook on and experience of life.This is found and sustained through meditation practices. The result will be a revolution internally in the form of less desire, increased contentment, happiness with what is and a peaceful state of mind as well as approach to life. The aim of this book is to inspire to meditation practices thus increasing the practitioner's consciousness. This is achieved through texts written to challenge perceptions and to encourage self reflection, practical and guided step by step instruction for meditation and by the unveiling of esoteric symbolism and wisdom."