“A Codex on Spirit Communication: Magick Unveiled” by Albertus Crowley

"A Codex on Spirit Communication: Magick Unveiled" by Albertus Crowley

"Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Spirit Communication is an occult codex that teaches the magical secrets and techniques of contacting and communicating with spirits. Learn to connect to the beings and entities of the Otherworld and establish lasting friendships. As a magical practitioner, it is only right that you learn to connect with the unseen spirits since you also work in the astral dimension. It is also noteworthy that these magical beings and spirits can help you achieve a higher level of spirituality and empower your magical faculties.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Spirit Communication reveals effective methods and techniques of contacting the spirits of the Otherworld, as well as entities of magick. This codex is the key that will connect you to the world of spirits and meaningful magick. As I always advise my students, always walk the path of magick with love and kindness in your heart.

In the whole Magick Unveiled series, magical teachings and rare instructions as well as magical laws and theories are openly shared. The only requirement is that you learn and practice the magical arts with love and kindness in your heart. At any point that you feel that love and kindness are waning, stop and just relax. Wait until you regain this positive equilibrium, and only then can you resume your practice. This is more important when you engage in active contact and communication with the invisible ones. Never contact anything unless there is love and kindness in your heart. Remember the magical axiom that likes attract likes.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Spirit Communication shares only genuine and legitimate techniques of spirit contact and communication. Many of these practices have been used since ancient times, and there is only one reason why they have survived the test of time — because they work.

Do not be afraid to connect and communicate with spirits. Let me share with you a little secret that you should realize: Do not be afraid of spirits for you are also a spirit.

Let me now welcome you into this wonderful world of magick and mystery. Meet spirits from the Otherside and even form lasting friendships with them. Not to mention, you can also learn many things from spirits and other creatures of magick. Now is the time to immerse yourself into another magical universe — the place of spirits, magical beings and entities, and simply pure and raw magick. May this path be an enlightening journey for you. And, again, always remember to walk this path with love and kindness."