“Breathwork: How a Daily Breathing Practice Can Drastically Improve Your Mind, Body, and Spirit” by Jane Rivers

"Breathwork: How a Daily Breathing Practice Can Drastically Improve Your Mind, Body, and Spirit" by Jane Rivers

"Taking Charge of Your Life One Breath at a Time: A Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Breathing Techniques & How to Unleash Your Full Potential By Practicing Breathwork

At one point, we all received oxygen from our mothers. But, as soon as we came into this world, our lungs were ready to do their job. From that day forward, breathing became our responsibility.

We breathe to stay alive, but do we truly live? Do we appreciate every breathing second? Or, do we take it for granted?

It sounds strange when somebody tries to teach you how to breathe. After all, we’ve all been doing it our whole lives. What you certainly know is that our brains take care of breathing automatically; what you probably didn’t know is that you can take charge of how you breathe and change your life by practicing breathing techniques!

Would you like to:
Cope with emotional turbulences in your mind better?
Decrease stress and help your body and mind relax?
Make a drastic improvement in your lifestyle?
Treat anxiety and panic attacks in a jiff?
Experience spiritual awakening?

Yes, those are among the key benefits you can get from just a few minutes of practicing breathwork. You can control your outcomes, balance your health, achieve mindfulness, and live a better life overall by only controlling your breath. This book teaches you how!

Armed with this book, you’ll:
Improve your life by being fully aware of the connection between your body, mind, and spirit;
Stay calm in the most stressful situations by learning how to use breathwork to relieve panic and manage anxiety;
Know how to use breathwork to your advantage in order to increase energy and improve focus;
Gain access to exclusive, proven techniques to enhance your workouts (before, during, and post-workout);
Know how to breathe your way to optimal health, self-esteem, unlimited creativity, and unlocking your full potential;
Learn how to breathe your way out of insomnia, anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain, PTSD, toxic energy;
And much more!

The very core of ancient philosophies and practices such as yoga and meditation is based on the undeniable power of one’s thoughts. The tool to conquer one’s thoughts is – breathing. If you want to start living and stop taking things for granted, this book serves as a guide by simply making you realize how important every single breath is."