“The Raiment of Light: A Study of the Human Aura” by David V. Tansley

"The Raiment of Light: A Study of the Human Aura" by David V. Tansley

"The human aura is something that most of us have sensed only dimly, and yet a keener awareness of our own and other people's auras is both possible and important, as this book shows. David Tansley traces our understanding of the aura from prehistory, when primitive man's more acute sense of the aura was essential to his survival, to the present day, when the pressures of modern living make knowledge of the aura just as crucial. Drawing on the research and observations of both scientists and psychics, he explains the meaning of the colours seen in the aura, and the relationship between the aura, chakras and subtle bodies. He warns that we may be polluting our auras both physically and psychically, and outlines exercises for cleansing the aura. This book guides us towards awakening our latent ability to see, sense and interpret the aura, and shows how we can develop the aura's largely untapped potential in medicine and healing."