“The Magic In You: Awaken Your Soul” by Deepa Rajani

"The Magic In You: Awaken Your Soul" by Deepa Rajani

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"Some of us believe that our fates are written in our stars—predestined and unchangeable. But it is possible to take charge of our own lives. For years, experts have been talking about the power of the human mind—helping us realize the boundless energy that lies untapped, until we set it free.
You only have to believe!

This book will not have all the answers to your problems, nor is it a guide to lead you to some “promised land”. But it will awaken the unlimited power within you, a resource you can access anytime. With this power, you can shape your future. Within these pages you will learn to craft your own success story with the help of anecdotes from the author’s own life and those around her, and also to navigate difficult situations with ease. This is a book to remind you of something very important: The Magic in You!"