“Why Hell?: Three Christian Views Critically Examined” by Steve Gregg

"Why Hell?: Three Christian Views Critically Examined" by Steve Gregg

"Most people believe that hell is the final state of the condemned following the final judgment. At the same time, many people cannot comprehend why God created hell for the unsaved. Respected church fathers held a variety of views dating back to the early centuries of the church. This book explains views on why hell exists: unending suffering, the annihilation of the unrepentant, and the rehabilitation of the lost. Most Christians are unaware of the scriptural basis for each of these positions. Why Hell? is meant to educate the interested reader without advocating for any one point of view. The following are some of the book's features:
Biblical vocabulary of hell and positions held throughout early Christian history
Positive cases presented on three perspectives: traditionalist, conditionalist, and restorationist
Critiques of each view
Helpful charts at the back of the book that summarize and cross-examine the arguments for each view

Steve Gregg provides food for thought for both trained theologians and serious Christian readers who want all the data and then consider for themselves the consequences of three Christian perspectives on hell."