“Dimensions of Radionics: New Techniques of Instrumented Distant-Healing” by David V. Tansley

"Dimensions of Radionics: New Techniques of Instrumented Distant-Healing" by David V. Tansley

"For the first time three of the world's leading researchers and innovators in the field of modern radiesthesia and radionics combine their knowledge and expertise to produce a manual of radionic theory and practice that will provide the lay-practitioner and healthcare professional alike with techniques of distant diagnosis and treatment that are quick, simple and, above all effective.

Proven methods of manipulating the life-force through magnetically energised geometric patterns to effect distant healing.

How to project the healing influences of colour, homoeopathic remedies or pyramid energies to a distant patient.

Potency simulation of herbal, flower and gem medicines and homoeopathic remedies by radionic means.

How to identify active or dormantdisease patterns in the subtle anatomy of man, and remove the residual imbalances left in the life-field and the toxic after effects of viral and bacterial infection.

Balancing the action of the chakras as a key to health."