“A Codex on Telekinesis Magic” by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"A Codex on Telekinesis Magic" by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Telekinesis Magic is an occult manual that will teach you how to move objects with your mind. Telekinesis is an ancient art. For many years, this practice has been kept in strict secret. Now is the time to reveal the inner teachings and true practices of this sacred psychic art.

Indeed, the mind is very powerful. Once you learn to harness its power, you can use it to influence and move objects without any physical contact. Telekinesis is something that mankind is familiar with, but only a very few know the manner of proper initiation into this practice. But, it should be noted that the practice of telekinesis is more than about moving objects, but it is a discipline and training of the mind. Telekinesis is both fun and useful. Just imagine the wonders that you can do once you learn to move objects with the power of your mind alone.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Telekinesis Magic provides clear-cut instructions on the practice of telekinesis. You will learn to unleash the power of your mind. You will learn the right theories, as well as practical exercises to achieve mastery. Acquiring the right foundational knowledge is important to success, as well as engaging in regular practice. The students of this codex are advised to take their time and enjoy the teachings herein revealed. They do not need to seek another source. This codex is complete in and of itself. If you stick to these teachings, then the power of telekinesis shall be yours.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Telekinesis Magic is more than an occult writing, it is a journey that leads to self-realization and personal power. Indeed, to the laypeople, telekinesis is nothing but the moving of objects without physical contact. However, the true initiates of this art form know that it is much more than that. It is the training of the mind and soul and unleashing one's true power.

Anyone can learn telekinesis. Yes, you can learn it as well. If you are willing to dedicate time and effort to practice the teachings in this codex, then you will be on the right path toward mastery of this ancient magical art. If you think that you are ready, then let me now welcome you into this world of telekinesis and pure magic. Be awakened and harness the infinite power of your mind."