“Yoga & Witchcraft Spirit: Feel the Energy and Recharge Yourself” by Mari iz Rija

"Yoga & Witchcraft Spirit: Feel the Energy and Recharge Yourself" by Mari iz Rija

"Witchcraft is all about focus and intent.

How many Full Moons have come and gone without you doing a ritual? Maybe you just didn't have the "get-up-and-go" to perform your chosen spell when the time came? Maybe you were too scattered, or your mind was in another place, and you couldn't focus your intent. We all have bills to pay. Our jobs demand so much of our free time. Our families, friends, and partners have expectations of us that can stress us out. Even something as simple as the domestic chores of daily life, like making dinner or doing the laundry, can become so overwhelming that we put the magick on hold.

These are all common hurdles that witches face at one time or another as they dive deeper into their magickal practice, and, surprisingly, the addition of a regular yoga practice to a witch's already-busy schedule can fix them all.

This book Is designed to help you create a Mind-Body connection It's no secret that yoga involves both mind and body. However, those same holistic elements often get lost in the witch's mad rush to develop psychic powers and embrace the more Dionysian elements of the Craft.

The elements of a mind-body connection exist within witchcraft, because witchcraft honors all of nature, and that also has to include the witch's physical body. Practicing yoga at the same time as witchcraft helps the witch connect with this truth on a deeper level."