“A Codex on Making an Energy Ball” by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"A Codex on Making an Energy Ball" by Albertus Crowley (Magick Unveiled)

"Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Making an Energy Ball is an occult codex that teaches the magical practice of making and using an energy ball. As the name implies, an energy ball is a ball that is made of pure magical energy. Making an energy ball is an excellent training to master energy manipulation. Not only that, but an energy ball can also be used for various purpose, such as for healing, empowering, hexing, pinging, and for protection, among many others. It is a versatile tool that should be in the arsenal of any serious and dedicated practitioner of the magical arts.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Making an Energy Ball gives clear-cut instructions backed up by genuine magical theories. This is more than a written occult material, but a magical journey that will immerse you into the world of pure magick and energy. Indeed, you will never leave this journey without holding an energy ball in your hands.

Making an energy ball is also one of my favorite practices. I have been making energy balls for more than 15 years, and I have to admit that it has greatly helped me in my magical life, especially in learning to manipulate magical energy.

Magick Unveiled: A Codex on Making an Energy Ball has two-rock foundations: magical theory and practice. By learning the teachings in this codex, you will definitely have an energy ball in no time. It should be noted that an energy ball can be a very powerful psychic tool and weapon. Hence, the readers of this codex are hereby notified that you must only pursue this path with love and kindness in your heart. For, indeed, a great magical mystery lies deep in these pages. Use it wisely and only for good.

The practice of making an energy ball is an ancient practice. It was used for many purposes and was a favorite among many proficient healers. By taking part of this practice, you also partake in the celebration of magick just as our ancestors did. Behold, for you shall wield divine power — the life force of the gods.

If you think that you are worthy and ready to harness this divine power, then come, as I welcome you into this world of deep and meaningful magick, into the depths of divine mystery. Wield this power with knowledge, cast with wisdom, and live fully and magically."