“Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire of Modern Sorcery” by Brother Moloch (IGOS)

"Pragmatic Magics: A Grimoire of Modern Sorcery" by Brother Moloch (IGOS)

"Grimoire of modern Sorcery written by Brother MOLOCH, a practitioner since 1987. Pragmatic Magics is Moloch's first attempt at putting forth a working grimoire. This is the fourth edition of the book but first edition printed by LuLu. 152 pages with info on Beginning Sorcery, Consecration, Sorcerous Recipes, Meditational Methods, Diaries, Timing, Sorcerous Uses of Crystals & Stones, Candle Sorcery, Tools & Supplies, Magical Mental Exercises, Tibetan Mental Training, Elemental Training, Rituals, Bibliography & 3 Appendices."