“The Discovery of the Dead” by Allen Upward

"The Discovery of the Dead" by Allen Upward

"This eerie tale is told in the form of a series of scientific reports about the experiments of a scientist named Karl Luecke. While researching beyond the visible light spectrum he discovers necrolites, a way of making visible what remains of human beings after death.

These entities, which he dubs "necromorphs", look like glowing brains, spinal columns and nervous systems (see the cover illustration). Necromorphs cannot stand sunlight and dwell underground by day.

Luecke conducts a few "interviews with a necromorph" to compile more details on humanity’s posthumous existence. The scientist is even able to make contact with his late father as well as prominent figures like Edgar Allan Poe and physicist Hermann von Helmholtz.

Disturbingly, after further research leads Karl to an entire city of the dead, he discovers that life after death includes a very dark element…"