“Necronomian Workbook: Guide to the Necronomicon” by Brother Moloch (IGOS)

"Necronomian Workbook: Guide to the Necronomicon" by Brother Moloch (IGOS)

"For several years, I have explored the Necronomicon. It has fascinated me since I first heard about it. I have attempted to collect as much literature about the book as I could afford to. Amazingly, there was nothing out there to tell you how to work the Necronomicon. Oh sure, there was that little paperback, now out of print, that claimed to be a spellbook but was in fact a mish-mash of Neo-Pagan spells that had a Necronomiconian overtone. But, there was nothing that actually said if you want to get this, you must do this. No cookbooks.

During a private New Moon ritual I was conducting I had a flash of premonition to publish my research findings about the Necronomicon."