“How to Be a Psychic: A Practical Guide” by Michael R. Hathaway

"How to Be a Psychic: A Practical Guide" by Michael R. Hathaway

"Discover your innate psychic ability! Take control of your future with How to Be a Psychic. You'll start by learning how to tune in to the psychic ability you already have–but never knew how to access. After mastering these easy-to-follow instructions on how to hone the sensitivity of your senses, you'll move on to the more specialized skills of a psychic, such as:
Channeling spirits, including talking with people who have passed away
Communicating with animals
Connecting telepathically with people across long distances, using the power of your mind
Looking into the future

There's no prior experience or crystal balls required. With the help of How to Be a Psychic, you'll soon be able to achieve clairvoyance, determine your future, and reach the Other Side."