“The Love You Crave: A Course in Ascension Alchemy and Connection to the Divine” by Waxela Sananda

"The Love You Crave: A Course in Ascension Alchemy and Connection to the Divine" by Waxela Sananda

"It’s time to find the love that you’ve been craving! Are you overwhelmed with feelings of loneliness or a burning desire to deeply love and be loved even though you practice spirituality, positive thinking and law of attraction? Spiritual expansion is often partnered by feelings of rejection and loneliness. As you strive to deepen your connection to the Divine, the feeling of separation may become intensified. The good news is that the love, connection, and spiritual mastery you yearn for is within your reach!

In this book, author Waxéla Sananda, founder of RHOS Recoding the Human Operating System, teaches you:
How to transform your shadow programming and start feeling happier
To use the RHOS system (Recoding the Human Operating System) to upgrade your frequency
How to recognize and release resistance
How to shift your energy to become a “match” to your Soul Mate or Twin Flame
To become spiritually activated and experience deeply fulfilling love
To embody divine bliss, making you irresistible to all that you desire

If you are ready to experience the love that you have been craving while becoming more mystical, more heart-centered, and reaching new levels of freedom and connection to the Divine, get your copy today!"