“Culture of Fear: Pazuzu, The Zozo Demon and the Evolution of Popular Demonology” by Megan Weiss

"Culture of Fear: Pazuzu, The Zozo Demon and the Evolution of Popular Demonology" by Megan Weiss

"Demons are immensely strong spiritual entities that have figured into sociocultural analysis for thousands of years. From the ancient Mesopotamians to modern day Americans, the interpretation of demons and their abilities has played an important role in the fight between good and evil. The way ancient cultures utilized the spiritual powers of demons, however, seems drastically different than how they are viewed today by a wide portion of humanity. The ancient Mesopotamian deity, Pazuzu, for example, could certainly cause destruction and disaster, but the demon’s powers were also used in protective charms and enchantments. Modern demons, such as the increasingly prevalent Zozo demon, are typically viewed as inherently evil, with good reason.

Regardless of their intentions, these demons nonetheless find footholds in culture and carve out niches so that they can make a comfortable home for themselves. As their notoriety grows, so does their power. As their power seems to grow, so does the fear that they will wreak havoc on innocent human souls. But is it fear of the actual demonic entity, or fear that the entity’s presence and influence will overwhelm one’s own?"