“Beyond Dreaming — A Guide on How to Astral Project & Have Out of Body Experiences: How the Awakening of Consciousness Is Synonymous With Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection” by Gene Hart

"Beyond Dreaming — A Guide on How to Astral Project & Have Out of Body Experiences: How the Awakening of Consciousness Is Synonymous With Lucid Dreaming & Astral Projection" by Gene Hart

"Are you having no luck with Astral projection? Discover the spiritual and wholesome approach to attaining out-of-body states of awareness which leads to more vivid and profound experiences.

The approach in this book is on the practical understanding of out-of-body consciousness, rather than on intellectual debate or speculation. It aims to address frequently asked questions that Gene has received from hundreds of people struggling to achieve Astral projection. As explained in the book:

"Through practical understanding alone, we get rid of the need for ineffective methods and complex practices which harbour self-doubt, often seen in books which promise quick results through techniques backed by little explanation. When we instinctively comprehend the mechanics behind out-of-body experiences, we adopt our own intuitive practice."

Furthermore, the book explores the difference between lucid dreaming and out-of-body experiences and how both these phenomena serve a significant purpose towards our spiritual progress. One way to understand this is through realising that most of us are in a continuous dream-like state that often has a firm grip over our awareness while we're awake and also while we're asleep; this is key in understanding how to go beyond layers of subconscious perception in order to reach higher objective states of consciousness. If we wake up out of our dreams during the day, then we also have more chance of becoming conscious during our dreams at night too; "As Above, So Below". Learn about how following the path of Astral projection enhances our mental, emotional and physical health and overall quality of waking life; the practice does not just apply to our non-physical experiences during sleep.

Gene's knowledge is based on over a decade of deep meditation, hundreds of out-of-body experiences, and several years spent being part of a Gnostic group. He has only one wish; for you to experience conscious out-of-body travel with all of your senses in-tact, just as you are here and now, reading this.

Below are just some of the things you will learn in this guide:
Overcoming fear of 'the other side'
How to rely on intent rather than methods
Several step-by-step methods and exercises
How meditation greatly benefits Astral projection
Analysing and understanding your failed attempts
How to stay grounded and present once out of body
How dreaming at night is no different than when we 'daydream'
How Astral projection is a deeply spiritual practice of self-realisation

Gene is dedicated to helping others achieve Astral projection and has provided his email at the end of the book in case you have any questions related to any of the points made inside."