“Kuji-In 1: Kuji-In for Everyone” by Maha Vajra

"Kuji-In 1: Kuji-In for Everyone" by Maha Vajra

"Kuji-In is a ritual process that encourages the development of body, mind and spirit. It enhances the nervous system, endocrine system, energy channels of the body, mental abilities, comprehension, quickness of body and mind, and opens doors to greater spiritual depth. It involves the combination of many tools to focus all of the practitioner’s attention: hand gesture, spoken words, mental visualization, philosophical contemplation, focus points on the body.

The moment you start practicing Kuji-In, it will take effect in various forms of enhancements: better thinking, quickness of mind and body, more willpower. Yet, Kuji-In will keep on delivering new abilities and expand your awareness over years of practice.

Kuji-In was first created for everyone to use. Over the centuries, it was adapted in different forms for: martial artists, holistic healers, spiritual seekers and the general public. Our first approach is global, followed by adaptations to each tradition."