“Chaos Magic For Skeptics” by Carlos Atanes

"Chaos Magic For Skeptics" by Carlos Atanes

"Pragmatic, heterodox and countercultural, Chaos Magic burst into the last quarter of the 20th century to irreversibly disrupt the foundations and practice of occultism. This essay discusses their theories, methods, and virtues, and is addressed to both the reader versed in the magical arts as well as the reader who practices a healthy and steady skepticism.

CARLOS ATANES (b. Barcelona, 1971). Essayist, underground filmmaker, playwright and seeker of the occult. He has always conceived his work, both fiction and non-fiction, as a tool to cleave and widen cracks in the walls of consensus reality, so his encounter with Chaos Magic was both predictable and inevitable. Currently he resides in Madrid and his website is www.carlosatanes.com"