“The Book of Nine Moons: Lessons in Celtic Sorcery” by Ian Corrigan

"The Book of Nine Moons: Lessons in Celtic Sorcery" by Ian Corrigan

" Nine Complete lessons in Pagan Sorcery, including divination, spellbinding and alliance with the spirits. Based on the Pagan Druidic ritual system of ADF, this course in magic draws on ancient European forms and modern occult methods to build a system that will illuminate and empower the student.
The work includes:
• The experience of the Sacred Cosmos, as a source of spiritual wisdom and strength.
• The creation and consecration of a Shrine and personal tools, beyond common household worship.
• The development of basic skill with a divinatory symbol system.
• Skill in trance-vision, and the development of an Inner Grove from which journeying and other Inner Work is done.
• A progressive approach to the Dead and the Landspirits, leading to effective personal alliance with the spirits.
• Practical magic experience, with the goal of increasing health wealth and wisdom for the student.
Truly a powerful course in Celtic Sorcery and Pagan Magic."