“Mediumship Mastery II: Advanced Techniques That Work” by Stephen A. Hermann

"Mediumship Mastery II: Advanced Techniques That Work" by Stephen A. Hermann

"Packed with invaluable insight and 175 easy-to-follow exercises, Mediumship Mastery II: Advanced Techniques That Work is the ultimate resource for all students of mediumship, novices to professionals, interested in significantly expanding their mediumistic ability with such comprehensive chapters as “The Language of Spirit”, “Predicting the Future”, “Six Major Problems Affecting Accurate Mediumship”, “How to Receive More Than Generalized Messages”, “Past Life Mediumship”, “Channeling Aliens and Animals”, “Out-of-Body Travel Made Easy”, and “Dynamic Spirit Manifestations”.

You will learn:
*The six essential practices absolutely necessary for dynamic evidential mediumship.
*How to identify and correct the major pitfalls that affect the accuracy of mediumistic communications.
*How to receive extraordinarily precise spirit messages containing phone numbers, street addresses, foreign languages and other ultra-specific details.
*How to conduct powerful physical phenomenon seances for materialization, transfiguration, trumpet mediumship, table tipping, and more.
*How to progressively enhance your existing abilities and strengthen your attunement with higher level guides.

Whether you are curious about spirit communication or interested in perfecting your mediumistic skill, you will benefit immensely from the innovative techniques and authoritative instruction presented in this book."