“The Goddess You: Principles For Living In Soul Alignment” by Jeanne Street

"The Goddess You: Principles For Living In Soul Alignment" by Jeanne Street

"This lovely book is about leaving no stone unturned in your life. Or perhaps more than that, no part of your life that Divine love does not heal.Your journey in this life has lessons, challenges and experiences that can distance you from the truth, which is that you are and always have been a Divine being, a Goddess with a purpose. "Perhaps now you crave for change. Heed that craving. That craving is what helps you admit that you are not living fully in your soul alignment.Thus begins your search, the search to find who you are why you are here, what your gifts and talents are and where to find the balance you seek. The "when" comes at the very moment you say, "yes, I am ready". "Living in soul alignment is not a race or show skills, but rather a way of life; so when you are ready, you can align" "Each time you put the principles into practice, your life will shift and change into a more fulfilling, easy-to-embrace state of being" " Get your inner Goddess groove on""You can do this, your Goddess Soul Self is counting on it".

Stop living the fear-based life, and choose to live in alignment with your inner Goddess soul self. In The Goddess You, medium Jeanne Street leads you through channeled principles mapped out in simple, attainable steps for uncovering your soul self, the authentic Goddess you. Featuring Jeanne's irresistible light, clear voice, The Goddess You presents the possibility of a soul-connected life, with love leading the way following the twelve principles to your soul alignment.

Through her gentle, wise voice, Jeanne will teach you how to discover your own clear, liberating and loving tone as you live aligned with angelic guidance and Spirit's voice. The pathways that open up in her easy-to-follow steps will show you a way for your soul self to emerge and flow within the divine energy of God. The book, and its sister The Goddess You Journal, builds on the success of her acclaimed Goddess Principles courses. "