“Money Magic: Unleashing Your True Potential for Prosperity and Fulfillment” by Deborah L. Price

"Money Magic: Unleashing Your True Potential for Prosperity and Fulfillment" by Deborah L. Price

"Originally published in hardcover as Money Therapy, this new edition has been revised and repackaged to better address the prosperity market. Making, keeping, and enjoying money isn’t just about investments, salaries, inheritance, or dividends, according to professional investment advisor Deborah Price. It is also about the games we play around money and the "type" we are in our relationship to money. More often than not, the financial choices we make are unconscious and fear-based because, when it comes to money, most of us feel out of control. Money has an amazing hold on us; even saying that we don’t care about money is still defining ourselves around money. This book offers practical steps toward acknowledging the hold of money on our minds and emotions and then using those insights to create not only a better relationship to money but also the wealth and prosperity we desire."