“We Survived: Native American Witches, Curses & Skinwalkers” by Gary Swanson

"We Survived: Native American Witches, Curses & Skinwalkers" by Gary Swanson

"This is our third release of what began as a study of the superstitions and beliefs of our Native American people. While we were visiting with a Shaman friend of ours, the discussion crossed that fine line between superstitions and tribal religious beliefs to the vengeful and terribly evil witch known as Skinwalker. Our friend made an introduction for us to a highly respected holy man who acted as a protective guide and buffer between us and any direct contact with the Navajo witch known in the Diné culture as “yee naaldlooshii.” Once we began learning more about these creatures, that buffer has been most important, and that is why publishing this; our third volume containing these Skinwalker reports, has been so long in coming. We have made every precaution to protect the identities of our reporters and informers whose desire to finally be able to see their stories in print can be realized at long last! This volume also contains frightening experiences from people who have violated or scoffed at other Native American beliefs. From what they now feel; they will never do that again!"