“Adventures of a Magus. The Magick Companion: NOX Edition” by Mars Neumann (2022 edition)

"Adventures of a Magus. The Magick Companion: NOX Edition" by Mars Neumann (2022 edition)

"Allow me to introduce the new NOX Edition of Adventures of a Magus, the ultimate visual guide to magick. This newly redesigned edition is packed with over 200 pages of visually stunning diagrams, rituals, and more.

Unlike other magickal books that rely solely on written instructions, Adventures of a Magus utilizes beautiful art and design to help you better understand and connect with each ritual. The mission is to provide a visual experience that enhances your magickal practice, making it more accessible and immersive.

As someone who learns best through visual impressions, I understand the importance of having visual support for magickal practices. That's why I've dedicated myself to creating a companion that provides a fresh perspective on traditional rituals. I don´t want to reinvent the Wheel, but present it in a better way.

In addition to the visually captivating illustrations, you'll find in-depth explanations of each ritual script, along with tips and tricks gleaned from my personal experiences. Whether you're a seasoned practitioner or new to magick, The NOX Edition of Adventures of a Magus is the ultimate addition to your collection."