“The Money Tarot Book: Make the Right Decisions to Attract Financial Abundance” by Rohit Arya

"The Money Tarot Book: Make the Right Decisions to Attract Financial Abundance" by Rohit Arya

"Money enables your soul to manifest itself. A full life requires that you are not prevented from doing all the things you want to do, merely because of a lack of money.

This book should prove a significant source of advice and emotional strength in your financial decisions. The Money Tarot Book is designed to be practical, suggest immediate action and does not require long periods of familiarization. It is extremely simple to use and does not require any specific Tarot pack to work with. Any pack will do.

The Money Tarot Book can be used:
* When a new initiative, product or direction at work is desirable
* When you are stuck and need to clarify the situation
* To gain an alternative vision before making important decisions
* To help you determine a choice of career
* To check out the environment and ambience prevailing in areas like resources, creativity, marketing, communications, advertising, research, international prospects, new contracts and many more areas
*To determine if persistence in a course of action or a clean break is best
* When you go into business on your own
* To get advice when changing jobs or considering such a change
* To handle personal finance In other ways, limited only by your imagination

The Money Tarot Book is not a substitute for decisive action on your part, but it helps you gain a wider perspective about the situation and provide some purpose and motivation"