Magick Matters

“The Vengeful Djinn: Unveiling the Hidden Agenda of Genies” by Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno (kindle version)

"If you fear one thing in life, fear the djinn. This groundbreaking book presents the findings of Rosemary Ellen Guiley and Philip J. Imbrogno's investigation into the powerful and mysterious interdimensional beings known as djinn or genies. It reveals what the djinn are, where they can be found—and their hidden agenda against the human race. Working with material compiled from a variety of sources—including their own case files, Middle Eastern lore, the Qur'an, teachings of Islamic scholars, and the latest theories in quantum physics—the authors explore the relationship between the djinn, demons, fairies, shadow people, and extraterrestrials. They discuss the military's interest in these clandestine beings, offer eyewitness accounts of modern human encounters with the...>>

“Dark Psychology: The Ultimate Guide to Persuasion, Mind Control and NLP Secrets: Learn How to Analyze People, Read Body Language and the Secret Techniques Against Hypnosis, Manipulation and Deception” by Jake Goleman

"Has someone ever taken advantage of you for their benefit? Do you think someone is using manipulation methods to manage your actions? Do you want to understand the effects of mind control and persuasion, to recognize and counteract them instantly? If you answered Yes to any of those questions, this book is for you! So keep reading! A person you love or trust might use manipulation on you, but you could hardly recognize it because it involves a lot of mind games. Lots of people are left out in the dark when it comes to protecting themselves against criminals who know how to control your mind. Fortunately for you, Dark Psychology is here to help...>>

“Evil Archaeology: Demons, Possessions, and Sinister Relics” by Heather Lynn (kindle version)

"Demons, jinn, possession, sinister artifacts, and gruesome archaeological discoveries haunt the pages of the new book by Dr. Heather Lynn. Evil Archaeology investigates the archaeological record for artifacts and evidence of evil entities, revealing how demons from the ancient world may be dwelling among us. It also looks at the history and lore behind real relics, believed to be haunted, and includes historical accounts of demonic possession, as far back as the accounts of King Solomon invoking demons to help him build his famed Temple. Is there really a prehistoric fertility goddess figure that has been known to bring death to the families of anyone who holds it? Are there real vampire graveyards? Can...>>

“Systemantics: The Systems Bible” by John Gall (3rd edition)

"The Indispensable Handbook of Systems-behavior, written specifically for all of us who must daily cope with the Pitfalls, Foibles, and Failures of the Systems that make up our Modern World. GENERAL SYSTEMANTICS PRESS of Walker, Minnesota is proud to announce the revised and much enlarged THIRD Edition of SYSTEMANTICS, THE UNDERGROUND TEXT OF SYSTEMS LORE. Sixteen years in preparation, this THIRD Edition includes a new Preface, three new chapters, new AXIOMS, THEOREMS AND RULES OF THUMB, and many new Horrible Examples, for a total of 40 chapters covering the entire field from the PRIMAL SCENARIO to the FAIL-SAFE THEOREM and including the celebrated definition of GARBAGE that is fundamental to any real understanding of SYSTEMANTICS. The...>>

“Shadow Dance: Liberating the Power & Creativity of Your Dark Side” by David Richo

"Our "shadow" is the collection of negative or undesirable traits we keep hidden—the things we don't like about ourselves or are afraid to admit: egotist, non-"PC" proclivities, forbidden sexual desires. But it also includes our positive, untapped potential—qualities we may admire in others but disavow in ourselves. Befriending the shadow makes fear an ally and enables us to live more authentically. It also automatically improves our interpersonal relationships, because we are freed from the need to project our own negativity onto others, and we become more acutely aware when theirs is projected onto us. David Richo looks for where the shadow manifests in personal life, family interaction, religion, relationship, and the world around is....>>