“Bible Stories The Illustrated Guide: From the Creation to the Resurrection” by DK

"Bible Stories The Illustrated Guide: From the Creation to the Resurrection" by DK

"Revisit the most important Bible stories with this comprehensive visual guide, covering every major covenant, prophecy, miracle, and parable in the Old and New Testaments.

Richly illustrated, this sumptuous and accessible new version of DK's Illustrated Bible is packed with maps, archaeological sites, historical artefacts, and fact-filled panels to retell and explain stories from the best-selling book of all time.

Discover why the Bible has absorbed readers for centuries and understand its position as a historical as well as a religious document. Follow the course of the Old and New Testaments from start to finish, and trace the events and places that have shaped the scriptures. Learn about the key figures ­- from Adam and Eve to Abraham and Moses, and John the Baptist to Peter and Paul – and discover significant sites such as Jerusalem and Rome.

Full of comprehensive timelines detailing key events and biblical quotations and references, this book makes it easier than ever to navigate around the verses, chapters, and books of the Bible. Authenticated by a team of expert biblical scholars and historians, this guide enables you to enjoy and understand the Bible as never before."