“Writing Meditations: 36 Prompts to Inspire Meditative Writing” by CM Hamilton

"Writing Meditations: 36 Prompts to Inspire Meditative Writing" by CM Hamilton

"Would you like to learn how to use writing as a meditation technique? Writing Meditations combines writing and meditation to encourage creativity and mindful concentration.

Many of history’s greatest minds spent countless hours writing things that were never meant to be seen by anyone. Scientists like Isaac Newton and Charles Darwin, politicians like Benjamin Franklin and Winston Churchill, artists like Leonardo Da Vinci and Ernest Hemingway, and historical figures like Marcus Aurelius and Abraham Lincoln all spent considerable time writing to no one but themselves. They understood that the deliberate practice of writing had significant benefits to their creativity, self-awareness, memory, productivity and well-being.

Writing meditations are short, 5- to 20-minute focused writing sessions that encourage creativity through mindful, diligent concentration. Writing meditations are an effective form of meditation and deliberate practice to reflect on important matters and improve decision making. Research has shown that writing exercises can have significant health benefits and increase productivity. The writing prompts described in the book include simple instructions for: creating lists, generating creative ideas and solutions, making plans, reflection and personal improvement.

Writing meditation prompts described in the book include: 10 Bad Ideas, Stream of Consciousness, Time Capsule, Gratitude Journal, Proust Questionnaire, Limerick, Letter from a Space Ship, Decision Tree, Stoic Virtues, Mind Map, New Year's Resolutions, Worry About It Later, Elevator Pitch, Predictive Journaling, and many more.

This amazingly practical reference book is packed with writing techniques to expand and improve your meditation practice. Buy your copy now and start using writing meditation techniques today! "