“Savage Tarot” by Brad Ashlock

"Savage Tarot" by Brad Ashlock

"Tarot like you've never experienced! No memorisation, no esoteric flimflam. Savage Tarot is a mule kick to the head to break you out of everyday thinking and unleash creative new ways of seeing and being.

Stop memorising tired card meanings and layering occult fantasies over the beautiful images of the tarot. In this book, Brad Ashlock (MFA, University of Chicago) teaches you how to read the cards utilising techniques never before made public, including metaphorical motion, mumble tarot, and new exercises and methods pressure tested through hundreds of hours of real card readings with strangers.

Included are interviews with fascinating philosophers, teachers and tarologists, including Enrique Enriquez, Sailor Bob Adamson, and Dr. Michael A. Aquino.

A must for the adventurous tarot explorer."