“Therapeutic Tarot Training: Volume 1 — The Major Arcana” by Veet Pramad

"Therapeutic Tarot Training: Volume 1 — The Major Arcana" by Veet Pramad

"The book "THERAPEUTIC TAROT TRAINING- Volume 1 – MAJOR ARCANA" is a highly didactic treatise that, starting from the basic principles of esotericism, unveils the 78 Arcana. It does not place the objective of the work in divination or in advising on specific matters, but in the self-knowledge and transformation of the human being.

It was taking shape from the notes that I had been giving for my students since 1986, so that it is accessible to laymen as very enriching for the initiates.

This innovative and progressive work makes the connection between the ancient tradition of the Arcana with modern psychotherapy, also accompanying the paradigm shift that marks the entry into a New Age. With a holistic approach, the meanings of the letters are elaborated through a systematic study of their symbols, present mythology and astrological, numerological and kabbalistic correspondences, showing how all these paths converge towards the same wisdom.

Of the various tarots shown, the deck studied in greater depth is that of Aleister Crowley & Frieda Harris, concluded in 1944, cleansed of moralisms and ancient doctrines and therefore more suitable for divining and understanding the psyche of the current human being."