“A Complete Ritual Magick Course In One Book” by Thor Templar and Robert Blanchard (IGOS)

"A Complete Ritual Magick Course In One Book" by Thor Templar and Robert Blanchard (IGOS)

"Magick has been defined as the Art and Science of creating change according to your will. This book has been written to bring to you the step by step instructions to experiment and experience Magick for yourself. Formerly, these occult secrets have been the closely guarded secrets of ancient Mystery Schools, who would pass on their knowledge by word of mouth and under strict oath. Now the time has come where this knowledge can be shared openly with anyone who has the willingness and courage to explore the power of this Art.

In the following six sections are the detailed instructions that will enable you to understand powerful techniques of Magick. Even if you have never practised or studied Magick, with practice you will soon be able to build up and control psycho-spiritual energy to use as you will. Create Talismans to help fulfil your heart's desire. Learn the secrets of evocation and astral projection. Control the elements and learn how to build the tools of the Magician.

These techniques will transform your life. They are to be practised with an open mind and heart. Like anything in life, the more you put in, the more you'll get out. These techniques assisted many on the Path of Truth. Many will study them and remain armchair occultists. A few will commit themselves to actually practising the Art and Science of Magick. This manual has been written for those few."