“Empowered Visualization: 20 Lesson Course” by IGOS

"Empowered Visualization: 20 Lesson Course" by IGOS

"You are about to learn one the most powerful systems ever made available to the public. The following information has been known in occult circles for many, many years. Only the Guild has made it available to the genral public. You are about to learn some of the secrets used by ancient wizards throughout the ages. Like all systems of magick, you must be dedicated to master the teachings in these lessons. There is no "instant magick." All magick takes hard work. If you want the great power that this course can give you, you must put the effort in practicing the techniques in the lessons to follow.

While these lessons are written for general success, you can use the techniques in these lessons for any kind of need you have, be that money drawing, love drawing, or even protection. The keys are all here: you only need to put them to work for you. Do not let the few pages in each lesson disturb you. There is great power in few words."