“The Infernal Vampire Handbook” by D. H. Thorne

"The Infernal Vampire Handbook" by D. H. Thorne

"The first of D.H. Thorne's smaller Grimoires, this book details his practices of Infernal Vampiric Magick, complete with his explanation of what Vampirism is, and how to apply that knowledge in both ritual practice, and Energy manipulation.
There are many books illustrating the fantastic and fictional nature of Vampirism. However, there are very few that properly, rationally, and unapologetically focus on its sinister left-hand path magickal applications. In ‚ÄúThe Infernal Vampire Handbook,‚ÄĚ D.H. Thorne explores the metaphysical plausibility of what Vampirism is, how it works, and what a Vampire really is.
He instructs the reader on essential practices, rituals, and even vampiric initiatory rites with the Sanguine Mother, Lilith. All of this is from the perspective of a man who was part of the cultural awakening of the vampire subculture that took place in the 1990s. The era when the Vampire was established as more than a myth, but a kind of Otherkin.
Dare to explore this book to learn how one need not even be a ‚ÄúVampire‚ÄĚ to use these elegant and practical techniques. To begin feeding upon the life force of others. To learn ways to initiate yourself with the Sanguine Mother, and execute vampiric astral attacks, and much more.
This book has something for the newly awakened vampire, the curious, and the experienced esoteric truth seeker alike."