“Mysteries in the Mist: Mist, Fog, and Clouds in the Paranormal” by W.T. Watson

"Mysteries in the Mist: Mist, Fog, and Clouds in the Paranormal" by W.T. Watson

"Many researchers associate certain phenomena with episodes of high strangeness. They speak of a curious feeling that comes over the experiencer, an odd silence that falls over the area where the incident occurs and a sense of dislocation from time.

In Mysteries in the Mist, author W.T. Watson proposes another marker of the paranormal … mist, fog and clouds! Ranging from cryptids to UFOs to ghosts to mysterious disappearances, Mysteries in the Mist looks at tales of high strangeness and their repeated association with mist, fog and clouds.

In these pages, the reader will also encounter strange mists that seem to have an anti-gravity effect, missing time associated with fog encounters and even teleportation of persons and vehicles as the result of contact with an anomalous cloud.

Whatever the reader’s primary paranormal interest, they will find much of interest in this book."