“Psychic Warfare” by Mark Desade (IGOS)

"Psychic Warfare" by Mark Desade (IGOS)

"This classic IGOS training manual is back in print. It was impossible to find until, it was republished by IGOS again in 2013. This text along with Book I, Psychic Sexual Command, make up the Psychic Command Series of classic reprints. It is a dangerously powerful series of book. Detailing a complete system of Psychic Commanding. Do not let the titles fool you. This is a system of psychically commanding, that can be used for anything of your choosing. That means, it can be used for any situation in your life. Making it a core system for any serious occultists.

The best thing about this system is, that it does not require any special tools. Only your mind and practice. No silly machines, candles or other costly tools. It is all detailed in an easy to learn system, IGOS is known for. Written for the average person to understand easily and use! Not a fancy book that is kept on your book shelf and never used. This is for the active occultist."