“Sexual Sorcery: A Practical Manual of Sexual Magick” by John Teal (IGOS)

"Sexual Sorcery: A Practical Manual of Sexual Magick" by John Teal (IGOS)

"This is by far the finest book on Sex Magick available on the market ever! Complete book covering all the topics other Sex Magick books won't!!

Complete and practical information on: Tantrick Universe — Hidden Dimensions in Sex – History of Sexual Sorcery — Self Initiation — Phoenix Mystery – Psycho-Sexual Circuit — Nature of the Kalas — Sexual Alchemy — Alphaism — Betaism — Gammaism -Epsilonism — Tarot of Sex -Gnostic Traditions — This powerful book also covers: – Secret Marriages of God with Man– De Art Magica -The Book of the Three Mothers — The Elixir of Life -Only the Guild brings you this uncensored look at true Sexual Sorcery. Not a poor rip-off. but a complete and practical uncensored manual.

A book too hot for other publishers to handle. Learn the Ancient secrets held back for hundreds of years. This book exposes Real Sex Magick, hidden from the public .until now. Adults only."