“The Elements of Ritual: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in the Wiccan Circle” by Deborah Lipp (2024 revised edition)

"The Elements of Ritual: Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in the Wiccan Circle" by Deborah Lipp (2024 revised edition)

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"More Meaningful Ritual, More Powerful Magic

Many books tell you how to cast a Wiccan circle. Deborah Lipp's seminal work tells you why. Fully revised and expanded with fresh insights and updated language, this new edition is a vital addition to your bookshelf.

A High Priestess with decades years of experience, Lipp looks at every ritual step through an elemental lens, revealing the process (Earth), mythology (Water), mysticism (Fire), and theology (Air) behind it. In addition to sharing modern information on gender and polarity, she provides all-new sections on the history of elemental associations and how and when to raise and release the cone of power.

The Elements of Ritual teaches you what each ritual step means, why it's there, what it accomplishes, and how it's performed. This edition adds alternate orders and new options for the traditional steps, empowering you to create your own rituals. Packed with how-to and how-not-to instruction for practitioners who want to go beyond the basics, this guide deepens your understanding of Wicca's most enduring rite.

Practical, sophisticated, and highly relevant over twenty years later, The Elements of Ritual helps your creative and magical abilities flourish.

Includes a new foreword by Thorn Mooney, author of The Witch's Path"