“Working With Subtle Energies” by David Spangler

"Working With Subtle Energies" by David Spangler

"This book is the second in a trilogy of books describing David Spangler's insights and experiences with the non-physical dimensions of the Earth. He calls these dimensions the Subtle Worlds. The first book in this trilogy is Subtle Worlds: An Explorer's Field Notes. It provides an overview of these non-physical dimensions and the beings that inhabit and work within them. The third book is Collaborating with Subtle World which not yet published but will be a more detailed look at the nature of subtle beings and how to safely engage and work with them. This book covers the middle ground. It is neither an overview nor is it about subtle beings themselves. It is about subtle energies, qualities and forces that fill the non-physical world the way sunlight fills the physical air around us. It is about energy hygiene, methods and techniques for working with these non-physical forces."