“Fallen Angels: Watchers and the Witches Sabbat” by Michael W. Ford

"Fallen Angels: Watchers and the Witches Sabbat" by Michael W. Ford

"The Luciferian Witchcraft Tradition holds a cycle of initiatory ceremonies in which the Aspirant applies in philosophy and equally challenging workings which open pathways to knowledge and insight. This book explores the history, lore and academic studies of the names of the Fallen Angels or Watchers from the Book of Enoch, including a deep study of the symbolism associated with this shadowy cult of angels. The Luciferian Ceremonies of invoking and utilizing this knowledge towards your personal Apotheosis and a balanced approach to Magick is found within. The darksome rites of the Witches Sabbat, the Path of Cain is explored with keys to the symbolism and ciphers of the Devil's Sabbat and Black Witchcraft. Those who can see beyond the test of the Left-Hand Path will discover initiatory gates open towards balance between the Angelic Path of Apotheosis and the Demonic Sorcery of Cacodaimonic Alchemy within the Adversarial Current.
This is a grimoire which explores the deep Left-Hand Path symbolism and meaning for the practical Luciferian as well as Sigils, methods and invocations of the Watchers and the dark rituals of the Nephilim. The techniques of the planets, lunar cycle and techniques of practicing Luciferian Witchcraft are presented here. The knowledge and symbolism of the Horned God, Baphomet, the Adversary, Cain, Lilith, The Djinn, Hecate as well as the Rites of the Devil's Sabbat present a layered gateway to forbidden knowledge and the rational philosophy of Luciferianism.
Beautifully illustrated by Mitchell Nolte depicting the Watchers according to their offices of power and striking new sigils of the Watchers."