“Banned Manifestation Secrets” by Richard Dotts (Banned Secrets Book 2)

"Banned Manifestation Secrets" by Richard Dotts (Banned Secrets Book 2)

"In his Amazon.com category bestseller Banned Mind Control Secrets, modern day spiritual explorer and author Richard Dotts introduced a whole new audience to the power of personal mind control, and taught readers how to create their own reality starting with their own personal thoughts.

Now in his next work Banned Manifestation Secrets, Richard Dotts delves even deeper into the spiritual world of manifestations, the Law of Attraction, and the direct shaping of energy to explain how you can create whatever you want in life… every single time, with very few exceptions.

Writing from his own personal experience and pitfalls, Dotts shares why the Law of Attraction seems to work beautifully for some people but not for others. Or why it works in certain cases, for certain things, and not for others (for example, the "big" stuff).

His study and interpretation of both ancient and modern manifestation traditions may delight and shock you.

What most modern self-help and Law of Attraction books teach is essentially a 'watered-down' version of creating one's own reality. They take a very formulaic or recipe-like approach to manifestation: Do this, then that, followed by that… But this is clearly not the way ancient spiritual masters approached manifestations and the creative process. Ancient spritual teachers did not have a fixed formula through which to create. Instead, they used their inner states to shape and influence the energy fields directly. Modern man in a scientific age is trying to do what they did, through lots of affirmations, forcefulness, and rationalizations in a very convoluted way, resulting in lots of wasted and misdirected effort.

As Richard Dotts points out in this book, the art of manifesting is not about what you DO. It is about what you FEEL and who you are inside. The key to successful manifestations lies in cultivating an inner state of being that is conducive to allow such manifestations to happen in your own life.

What's covered in the book:
* The #1 misconception about manifestations and the "Law of Attraction", that is unknowingly perpetuated by every new book or "technique" out there (Once you understand this principle, you'll greatly increase your effectiveness as a "conscious manifestor")
* What the ancient spiritual masters (Jesus, Buddha) know about manifestations and creating your own reality
* Is it true that certain manifestation principles are secrets and deliberately hidden from the general public? Are they "banned" or forbidden in any way?
* 4 ways to state your intention clearly, irrevocably to the Universe (No, this does not involve affirmations or visualizations. Instead, Dotts explains how the Universe picks up on every single one of your intentions… every single time.)
* Scientific proof that you REALLY have access to an unlimited stream of income, money, well-being, or anything that you want. If you have never been convinced by the New Age talk about having faith, then you need to read Dotts' scientific answer to this question.
* The #1 hurdle to effective manifestations and how to remove it
* How to get rid of negative doubts, beliefs, fears and worries which just seem to arise spontaneously along with your desires… thus preventing them from sabotaging your efforts (Dotts explains one easy, and one difficult way to achieve this.)
* What happens every single time when your manifestations fail to appear?
* Tools to speed up your manifestations and the attraction process
* Is action needed/necessary in the manifestation process? What is the role of action and when should we take action?