“The Deviant Grimoire: Real Witchcraft, Real Results, You’ve Been Warned” by Michael Blackthorn and Blithe’s Spirit

"The Deviant Grimoire: Real Witchcraft, Real Results, You've Been Warned" by Michael Blackthorn and Blithe's Spirit

"No longer shall we cower in the dark; no longer shall we deny our power. The time is now to Witch the F*ck up!

It's time to take your power back, deary. For far too long Witches have been denied their right to experience the full essence of their power. Through The Deviant Grimoire Michael & Blithe will assist you to eradicate these limiting beliefs and work to build your overall strength an power as witch by keeping it real and being completely honest about topics that are discussed; which include:
* What it means to be a Deviant Witch
* Weak Witches
* Can anyone be a witch? And discussing that Witchcraft IS dangerous.
* Ethics and the Witch, how not to fall into the mass belief that all witches believe in karma or other limiting rules.
* How to develop your psychic skills and to create a b*tchin' psychic poppet.
* Meeting a spirit ally.
* How to become a master at shielding techniques!

Magical Timing is discussed in great detail, showing you how to work with the hours of the day, the hands of the clock, the days of the week, and the phases of the moon; and tailor them to the different types of workings you may desire to do. Tips, tricks, ideas, spells for all your needs, such as: Love, Lust, Friendship, Healing, Malediction, Kids in the craft, Recipes, Sigils, and so much more!"