“The Book of Enoch: Scripture, Heresy or What?” by Brian Godawa

"The Book of Enoch: Scripture, Heresy or What?" by Brian Godawa

"Did you know the ancient book of 1Enoch is quoted and referenced many places in the New Testament?

So why isn't it a part of the Bible? Is it a conspiracy?

Many Christians are afraid to attribute truth value to ancient books outside the canon of the Bible. They fear that the authority of Scripture will be compromised.

Others want to believe every legend as if it were true because they think it makes God more miraculous.

The book of 1 Enoch is one of those controversial books that has a long history of squabbling over its veracity and influence on Bible interpretation.

This is an introduction to the ancient book of 1Enoch, its content, its history, its affirmation in the New Testament, and its acceptance and rejection by the Christian Church."