“Healing with Psi” by Charles Mage

"Healing with Psi" by Charles Mage

"Healing with Psi is a magickal manual that will teach you how you can heal yourself (and other people) using psi energy. This manual shares ancient secrets and techniques of magical healing. Whether you want to heal a fever, physical and emotional pain, or any other dis-ease, then this manual is for you.

Healing using psi is nothing new. It has been in existence for centuries. However, only a few initiates today are aware of the marvelous healing techniques of psi healing. While most people have turned to conventional science for treating diseases, there are magical practitioners out there who successfully treat all kinds of diseases solely with the power of psi.

Healing with Psi will not just teach you what psi healing is about, but it will also give you clear-cut instructions on how you can practice this ancient healthy ng method and effectively heal all kinds of diseases whether physical, mental, emotional, and also spiritual. This manual will teach you holistic healing on all levels through the power of psi."