“Pendulum Magick: Communicate with Spirits” by Charles Mage

"Pendulum Magick: Communicate with Spirits" by Charles Mage

"Pendulum Magick: Communicate with Spirits is a magical manual that will teach you not only how to use a pendulum, but also how you can use it to talk and have an active communication with spirits. For man years the pendulum has been greatly misunderstood even by magical practitioners. Only a few truly understand how to use it properly and effectively. Although more popularly known as a tool for finding lost objects, locating water, and for seeking answers to questions, the pendulum can also be used to talk with the spirits from the Otherworld or the astral dimension. Now is the time for you to learn the occult secrets behind this ancient art. Now is the time to open the portal and harness the power of the pendulum to communicate with spirits."