“Mistakes and Pitfalls in Magical Practice” by Charles Mage

"Mistakes and Pitfalls in Magical Practice" by Charles Mage

"Mistakes and Pitfalls in Magical Practice is an occult manual that talks about the common mistakes and pitfalls that beginners and even advanced practitioners of the Craft often face. If you want to truly succeed in your path, it is important to be able to know and identify the blunders and traps that you can expect to face along the way. This will help you not only to grow as a magician/witch but also to speed up your magical progress.

Mistakes and Pitfalls in Magical Practice will reveal to you the things that you have to avoid, as well as specific instructions on what you must do instead. Indeed, by following the teachings in this occult manual, you would be able to save years of time and be able to dedicate such vital time to more important matters that will advance your magical and spiritual development. It is not a secret that there are many magical practitioners who get stuck and trapped in certain challenges or pitfalls. This manual will teach you not only how you can avoid these pitfalls but also how you can effectively overcome them if you ever fall into these traps.

Mistakes and Pitfalls in Magical Practice shall give you the foundational knowledge that you need, as well as time-tested practices that you should observe to keep your spiritual progress in the right direction and intensity. This is not just a handbook that will give you occult knowledge, but deep in these pages are practical and helpful practices that you must engage in to truly enjoy the fruits of your study and labor. Indeed, this is more than a manual. This is an invitation that can take your magical and spiritual practice to a whole new wide level. Follow the teachings in this manual and there is a really good chance that you shall reach the level of a true adept."