“Alchemy Reference Guide: A Tool for Exploring the Secret Art” by Dennis William Hauck

"Alchemy Reference Guide: A Tool for Exploring the Secret Art" by Dennis William Hauck

"Whether it is viewed as a historic precursor to chemistry, a path to psychological integration, or an advanced spiritual discipline, the ancient art of alchemy holds great fascination and promise for the modern reader. However, sifting through the arcane symbols and multilevel terminology of the secret art often proves a daunting task for those seeking to grasp the truths of alchemy in the original writings of the alchemists.

That is where this handy little guide comes to the rescue with charts of alchemical ciphers, a comprehensive dictionary, and clear explanations of the symbology. There is also a keyboard layout code for a complete set of alchemical fonts, which can be downloaded for free from the publisher’s website."