“Out Of Body Experiences, Quickly And Naturally” by John Kreiter

"Out Of Body Experiences, Quickly And Naturally" by John Kreiter

"Astral Projection is one of those things that most people would love to do.

Who would not like to be able to detach from the physical body and travel to distant places, discover amazing worlds and learn the answers to many of the questions that they might have. Indeed the Out of Body Experience allows you to know that there is more to you than the physical body. It can expand your creativity and conscious awareness, and it can even lessen the fear of death.

Unfortunately many become highly disappointed when they try technique after technique without any positive results. It is not surprising then that most think that Out of Body Experiences are very difficult to achieve. Certainly, after participating in arduous physical and mental Out of Body techniques that rely on trying to maintain postures that make your body ache, chants that make your throat sore, or highly boring meditative routines that are only successful at making you fall asleep, people can’t be blamed for thinking that Astral Travel is impossible.

The thing is though that Out of Body Experiences are part of our natural heritage as human being, and as such they are within the realm of possibility for all of us.

In this book you will not be asked to wake up in your dreams even though you are never really told how to consistently achieve this difficult task. You won’t be asked to set your alarm to wake in the middle of the night, and keep some odd sleeping schedule that is only successful at wrecking a good night’s sleep. This book will not demand that you feel the energy vibrations within your body and project these vibrations outside of yourself, without ever mentioning that such energy work can take a long time to master.

The techniques in this book are easy, natural, and can be done by anyone. They are easy to implement because they use the natural tendencies of human consciousness, they work with the natural flow of consciousness instead of against it.

In this book you will find out how to:

-Quickly and easily initiate Out of Body travel
-Consciously participate in Astral Travel and Lucid Dreaming
-Create and solidify an Astral/Double body
-Develop Energetic Containment so that you can travel anywhere you want safely

You will also learn about:

-The different worlds that you can access in the Out of Body state
-The type of beings that you can encounter
-Ways to deal with and overcome the limitations of the ego/self"